Two days, 6 themes, over 30 inspiring presentations

Presentations at PIC International 2023 are grouped into 6 key themes which collectively provide complete coverage of the global photonics industry.

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Hybrid PICs - Sponsored by Vanguard Automation

Optimizing performance of the PIC using different material platforms such as InP, SiPh, GaAs, electro-optical polymers, passive polymers, dielectrics, glass, silica, SiGe, BTO, metal/plasmonics etc. Laser to PIC coupling techniques.

Scaling PICs in volume using foundries

Use of semiconductor foundries to help scale PIC technologies, and implementing new and novel technologies and tools/process PDKs to optimize performance. PIC production and manufacturing techniques.

Chip-scale packaging

Chip-scale packaging and interposer integration for advanced packaging and assembly and ADKs (assembly development kits) for PICs. Use of robotics and automation for volume packaging, assembly and testing of PICs.

Optimising PICs for optical wireless opportunities

Performance and design of PICs implemented into optical wireless applications such as sensing, automotive (LIDAR), structured light. What technologies should be adopted and how should the hybrid PIC be designed, especially for ultra-high volumes.

Driving deployment in established markets

What is needed to accelerate deployment of PICs in the hyper scale environment such as data centres, metro, access and optical networks in general? Progress on PICs in telecommunications, and advanced transmission systems.

PIC Vision: Revolution and evolution - Sponsored by OPTICA

What role will the PIC play in challenging and new applications such as: quantum computing, super low temperatures/cryo, programmable photonics, PIC based computational architectures etc.